Equity Lease Program

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Advantages of ADG’s EquityLease Plan

Allen Development Group, Inc. offers a creative and competitive alternative to conventional financing or traditional rental of business property. Our program combines the advantages of a business lease – no or low down payment, easier qualifying, provisions for early termination, and flexible terms – with the advantages of pure ownership – equity build up, appreciation, fixed overhead cost and custom designed facilities. This is accomplished by combining a traditional lease with an option to purchase that is at an ever-decreasing price. This in effect gives our clients the benefits of a mortgage with the advantages of a lease.

  • Prime Locations. All ADG developments are located in prime locations in high growth corridors with strong potential for growth. ADG is a long-term investor in quality properties and as such our site selections are always long term in scope.
  • Fixed Rates. All our lease purchase financing plans provide for a fixed rental payment over the committed term of the lease. There is no escalation in payments regardless of the current interest rate environment. Of course, historically rental payment will increase every year.
  • No Down Payments. ADG’s lease/purchase financing provides for no or very low down payments which allows our clients to keep their money invested in their businesses and not in property.
  • Equity Build Up. With each monthly payment the price at which clear title to the property can be acquired (paid off in mortgage terms) becomes lower until the twentieth year at which it reaches zero. Naturally with rent, nothing is ever applied to ownership.
  • Potential Appreciation. At any time during the life of the lease the client has the right to sell the property and profit from any appreciated value, whereas a tenant has no interest in his landlord’s profits on resell of the property.
  • Early Termination. ADG’s lease purchase agreements generally allow for an early termination of the agreement after a minimum period. Unlike a mortgage, should a client decide to terminate the agreement and wish not to be bothered with selling the property or releasing it, they may terminate the contract with 90 days notice after the preliminary period.


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